5G SA/NSA iCore® Network in a Box®

Easy to Use, Rapidly Deployable Communications


Tecore’s 5G iCore® Network in a Box® (NIB) is the industry’s leading NIB product that supports a ready-in-minutes portable 5G SA network solution. Integrated into this single unit is all the hardware and software required to support 5G stand-alone (SA), non-stand-alone (NSA) or 4G LTE operations. The NIB comes integrated with a 5G Core and an optional 4G EPC, along with an integrated eNodeB and gNodeB to provide comprehensive support for voice, text, video, and packet data services.

With the expansion of packet data services to improve latency, provide higher bandwidth and high peak data rates, 5G networks offering these benefits have never been easier to implement, thanks to Tecore’s NIB product.

Integrated 5G SA Functional Elements & Capabilities
  • Support broadcast and multicast PDU session
  • Support Public Warning System messages (ETWS/CMAS)
  • Support Network Slicing
  • Support eMBMS
Optional 5G NSA and LTE Elements and Features
  • MME/SAE Gateway
  • eNodeB


Available TechnologiesOperating Frequency
5G SA, 5G NSA, LTEAvailable in Select 3GPP Bands*
Transmit PowerSimultaneous Active Users
40W (20W per port)Up to 1,000
Optimal Coverage RadiusMaximum Throughput
Up to 6.2 mi. / 10 kmLTE: 200 Mbps with 2x2 MiMO in 20 MHz bandwidth (DL 256QAM)
NR: 500Mbps with 2x2 MiMO in 50Mhz bandwidth (DL 256 QAM)
Power Consumption (Typical)Antenna Ports
300W max, 250W Typical2 x 4.3/10
Duplex MethodOperating Temperature
FDD/TDD-40 F to +131 F
-40 C to +55 C

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