Radio Access Network Products

Scalable Radio Access Network Solutions

Wireless operators are demanding greater packet data throughput to service data-hungry subscribers on their mobile devices and applications. Tecore’s comprehensive RAN portfolio includes support for several 3GPP bands including the Anterix (900Mhz) spectrum. Tecore also carries FCC Certified Radios, Integrated Radio & Baseband Units, and Multi-Carrier Digital Units for in-building, localized and macro coverages. Available in high and low power configurations, Tecore RAN products are designed to support any deployment requirements, offering carrier-grade bandwidth, flexibility, and scalability while maximizing CAPEX/OPEX savings.


Remote Radio heads

Tecore’s CoreCell-RH (Radio Head) product family consists of the Meta Cell, Macro Cell & Small Cell, each with the capability to support multiple radio technologies.


Macro iDU

Integrated Radio & Baseband Unit

Tecore’s Macro iDU (Integrated Digital Unit) is a high-power radio and baseband unit in a single chassis, capable of supporting multi-sector deployments in multiple radio access technologies, and interoperable with any vendors radio heads and core network.

Key Benefits

Multi-Band, All G's Coverage
Multi-Carrier Ready
Indoor/Outdoor Installation Flexibility