Network in a Box®

Rapidly Deployable All-in-One Communications

Integrated Communications for Air, Land, and Sea

Tecore’s Network in a Box® (NIB) is a multi-generational 2G/3G/4G/5G all-in-one, rapidly deployable hardware and software solution integrated with a core network, IMS, Remote Radio Head (RRH) and Baseband Unit (BBU). The NIB provides operational capability for all wireless networks in a small, compact, portable form factor for commercial, private, government, and military use cases. For fixed, mobile, or man-packable solutions, and the versatility in offering high power and low power combinations in several 3GPP bands, Tecore’s NIB products surpass its competition in today’s market.

Introductory NIB video

5G iCore® Network in a Box®

Introducing a one-of-a-kind NIB that supports 5G SA, 5G NSA and LTE in a single box. The NIB hosts an integrated 5G Core and an optional 4G EPC, along with an eNodeB and gNodeB allowing stand-alone or non-stand-alone 5G operations.

Additional configurations can be supported to provide sectored coverage or 4×4 coverage in select bands.


Key Features and Benefits


Air, Ground, Maritime, Dismounted and Networking on the Move Capable


Stand-alone, Integrated or Mesh Network Structure


Self-Contained Core + Radio Access Network (RAN)


Agile Integration Into Existing Networks


Reliable, High-Band Width Voice, Text and Packet Data Services

Product Comparison

iCore® NIB

Fully integrated high-power cellular communications solution

The original Network in a Box® – the iCore® NIB – is the original all-in-one wireless system.


Rapidly Deployable Communications for Public Safety

Designed with first responders in mind, the IOPS NIB features a dual processor dedicated for additional applications for public safety.


Fully integrated, man-portable, battery powered 4G LTE solution

Designed to meet strict MIL-SPEC standards, the LYNX is a compact, man-packable, battery powered 4G LTE system.

Available Technologies2G/3G/4G/5G2G/3G/4G/5G4G LTE
Cellular Frequency BandsSelect 3GPP bands availableSelect 3GPP bands availableAll 3GPP Bands Supported
Simultaneous Active UsersUp to 1,000Up to 1,000Up to 64
Optimal Coverage RadiusUp to 6.2 mi. / 10 kmUp to 6.2 mi. / 10 kmUp to 1.8 mi. /3 km
Maximum Throughput200 Mbps with 2x2 MIMO in 20Mhz bandwidth (DL 256QAM)
75 Mbps in 20Mhz bandwidth (UL 64QAM)
200 Mbps with 2x2 MIMO in 20Mhz bandwidth (DL 256QAM)
75 Mbps in 20Mhz bandwidth (UL 64QAM)
120 Mbps with 2x2 MIMO in 20Mhz bandwidth (DL 256QAM)
45 Mbps in 20Mhz bandwidth (UL 64QAM)
Power Consumption (Typical)250W300W150W
Antenna Ports2 x 4.3/102 x 4.3/10N-Type; up to 2x2 MIMO
Transmit PowerUp to 20W per portUp to 20W per portUp to 1W per port

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