LYNX™ Network in a Box®

Easy to Use, Rapidly Deployable Communications


Tecore’s LYNX™ Network in a Box® provides a rapidly deployable, high-speed, 4G LTE communications network to support Defense, Public Safety, and Security Force Operations. Addressing mobile environment installations for land, air, sea and on foot and unmanned systems the LYNX™ can network together, providing mesh communications, thus expanding the footprint coverage of the system. As a standalone network, the LYNX™ can provide network coverage in rural and remote areas without any existing infrastructure.

A fully integrated, self-contained, LTE Network in a Box® (NIB), the LYNX™ is an all-IP solution delivering a compact, adaptable, and cost effective end-to-end 4G LTE network. Included in its design is an integrated EPC, eNodeB, radio, and processor capable of delivering high-speed voice, text, and packet data services to users operating anywhere in the world. It can also integrate into existing customer networks, bringing secured, high speed 4G LTE network extension capabilities to tactical operations centers, forward operating bases, mobile and emergency response units.

Designed to meet strict MIL-SPEC standards, the system is compact enough to be carried into a vehicle, mounted to the interior of the vehicle, or small enough to be positioned as a man-packable deployment.


Key Benefits

  • Self-contained, secure, LTE Network-in-a-Box (NIB)
  • Supports up to millions of subscribers in HSS
  • Requires no existing infrastructure
  • Operates as Secure Standalone or Integrated
  • Integrate 4G LTE capabilities into existing networks
  • Operates in any LTE frequency band (3GPP or Unlicensed)
  • Scalable to meet customer requirements
  • Adaptable for Air, Ground, Maritime, Dismounted, and Network-On-The-Move Operations


Available TechnologiesCellular Frequency Bands
4G LTEAll 3GPP Bands Supported
Wi-FiSimultaneous Active Users
Single (2.4 or 5)Up to 64
Optimal Coverage RadiusMaximum Throughput
Up to 1.8 mi. / 3 km120 Mbps downlink
45 Mbps uplink
Power Consumption (Typical)Antenna Ports
150WN-Type; up to 2x2 MIMO
Transmit PowerColor Options
Up to 1W per portBlack, Tan, Green

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