Tecore Networks and Future Technologies Ensure Critical Network Infrastructure Support Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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Available Immediately All-In-One Network in a Box® To Ensure Expanded Bandwidth Requirements Due To Preventative Measures In Place

Hanover, Maryland, March 30, 2020 – Tecore Networks and Future Technologies, announced today the immediate availability of Tecore’s RAVEN® Network in a Box® to ensure all critical services that use existing wireless network infrastructure can continue, unhindered, in today’s unprecedented pandemic situation. As the baseline of expansion efforts, Tecore’s RAVEN is able to be deployed as a standalone system or integrated seamlessly into larger wireless networks, making it a turnkey solution of choice.

Tecore’s solution highlights exceptional reliability, capacity, innovative voice and high-speed data features. Within a single platform, the RAVEN provides failsafe 3G/4G macro-level coverage and capability with Core and Radio Access Network (RAN) functionality. To accommodate the demand for higher-bandwidth services or pop-up network coverage, integrated Core services include Data, SMS, Voice and IMS/VoLTE, while the RAN can be operated in any 3GPP band. In addition to providing cellular services, the RAVEN’s integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi access point enables cellular devices to communicate with non-cellular, standard Wi-Fi devices within a common private network infrastructure.

Wireless network infrastructure is not immune to the impact of this global pandemic given the essential need for communication around the world. Due to federal, state and local mandates that have either ordered or encouraged remote work amongst other preventative measures, telecom operators have noticed a significant surge in voice and data usage. In the short term, networks might be able to cope with the spike in usage but a long-term strategy is required as more people confined to homes subsequently consume high amounts of data. Without the increase in bandwidth to accommodate the rise in customer demands, the strain on existing networks could lead to interruptions, delays and outages, affecting communication services that are critical at this time.

“To ensure these remote initiatives are prepared for success, we are extending reliability particularly at the network level through our agile RAVEN 3G/4G platform. The demand will continue to increase as a home-bound workforce continues to collaborate in an effort to drive our industries and economy forward, “ said Jay Salkini – President and CEO of Tecore Networks. “Our pledge is to utilize our technology to create the conditions aiding to unite the world’s efforts in meeting the challenges presented by an invisible adversary.”

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, pop-up or extended network coverage dedicated to emergency response teams is critical for the coordination of resources and stream of real-time information. A secure, reliable and agile cellular network goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned initiatives and without this critical connection; these efforts would not be possible.

“With the surge in healthcare agencies establishing temporary test and treatment facilities, and private organizations focusing on business continuity, we are working closely with Tecore Networks in order to provide rapidly deployable connectivity solutions” said Chris York, Vice President of Sales at Future Technologies. “We are allocating significant field resources and personnel to provide immediate support for these efforts.”

Tecore Networks and Future Technologies stand ready to offer a scaled, reliable and secure coverage to safeguard critical communications during this delicate time. We will be reaching out to known government and commercial entities, however if you are interested in obtaining additional information please contact us directly.

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