Tecore Pioneers First FCC Certified Cellular Interdiction System

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FCC grants first of its kind certification to Tecore’s Managed Access System

Hanover, Maryland, July 27, 2023 – Tecore Networks, a perennial innovator in cellular networking infrastructure and private network operations, reached a significant milestone in its efforts to combat the illegal use of contraband cellular devices in correctional facilities and other secured government environments. The company’s Managed Access System Evolved, known as the iNAC-E, is now the first fully certified system of its kind by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC announced in July 2021 and opened for application in May 2022, its Contraband Interdiction System (CIS) certification process. Thus establishing a regulatory standard by which Managed Access System operators may demonstrate to the world that their technology has been vetted and approved for reliable utilization in the highly controlled correctional facility environment.

The Commission, in its proceeding on promoting technological solutions to combat contraband devices (Docket No. 13-111), set equipment standards, analyzed detection and testing methodology, and instituted compliance criteria for critical public safety standards in CIS. On June 23, 2023, Tecore’s iNAC-E was among the initial small group of operators to receive conceptual system certification. Today, Tecore is proud to announce that it is the first to reach full certification with an operational deployment at a correctional facility.

The iNAC-E was painstakingly developed by Tecore to prevent contraband cellular phones from accessing voice, data, and messaging services within correctional facilities and other highly secure environments. At the same time, the system maintains carrier grade performance for authorized users and devices. The interdiction system works in concert with Tecore Government Services’ (TGS) interconnect roaming hub, facilitating interconnection to commercial carrier networks. The interconnect hub enables the iNAC-E to authenticate devices on their respective home carrier networks to provide robust subscriber and device level management that can cover all 3GPP cellular access technologies from 2G, 3G, and 4G to 5G, and beyond.

As a pioneer in the wireless telecommunications industry, Tecore has played a leading role in combating contraband cell phone usage in correctional facilities. Completion of the FCC’s certification process validates the readiness of Tecore’s multi-patented MAS-E solution. A thoroughly innovative, tested, and certified system, iNAC-E is deployable in any correctional facility facing the issue of contraband cellular phones. “Tecore has led the initiative to minimize and eliminate the danger of contraband cellular phone usage in correctional facilities. This certification by the FCC showcases the effectiveness and reliability of our managed access solution while ushering in powerful new resources for our government partners,” said Jay Salkini, Founder and CEO of Tecore Networks.

In the absence of a federal certification standard, corrections officials were confronted by a litany of operators attempting to label their activities as “Managed Access”, some less reliable than others, some claiming classification based on a lesser standard, and all causing market confusion. The ultimate winners in this fight were the many inmates that perpetrate crime in and from prison with a cell phone.

MAS solutions that were reliable still offered correctional officers limited means by which to deactivate service on contraband cellular devices. Generally, this required a lengthy legal process conducted on a case-by-case basis, consuming time and resources better appropriated toward the management and operational needs of a given facility.

Now, with FCC certification to back it, Tecore’s managed access platform, iNAC-E, leads the way in reliability and enhanced contraband interdiction services. FCC certification enables trusted CIS operators to report contraband devices and subscriber data to designated corrections officials. These officials are empowered to evaluate the data and, where appropriate, request cellular service providers to disable service on contraband devices.

CIS certification pairs the trusted capabilities of a MAS-E solution with the backstop of expeditious disabling of contraband cellular phones attempting to use the network. Not only do the new CIS capabilities establish a standard for Managed Access Services operators, but also advance the collective partnership between MAS operators and government customers. The ultimate winner in this fight is now public safety.

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