Tecore Networks Managed Access Solution Blocked Over 10,600 Communication Attempts in First 24 Hours of Operation

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Newly released data reinforces proof that iNAC Managed Access blocks unauthorized inmate communications, permits authorized and 911 calls, and complies with federal law

Hanover, Maryland, April, 18, 2018 – Tecore Networks, an innovator of American-made mobile network infrastructure and the inventor of the iNAC™ Managed Access Solution, announced recent performance results. Tecore’s Managed Access Solution (MAS) is a comprehensive cellular interdiction platform blocking unauthorized cellular communications within a targeted area without disrupting essential communications.

“Given the rising tide of contraband cell phone usage by inmates across the nation – and the clear risks this presents to safety both inside and outside the prison walls, it is imperative that federal and state officials work together to secure needed resources to enable further deployments of proven systems such as those Tecore has provided around the world,” said Jay Salkini, Founder and CEO – Tecore Networks. “The performance data released today speaks for itself – our system eliminates the threat of contraband cell phone use; without degrading communications by authorized personnel or that of private citizens outside the facility.”

Below are the results based on communication attempts inside facilities which Tecore Managed Access Systems detected and successfully blocked.

At one facility, Tecore’s Managed Access System captured:

  • More than 10,600 calls and messages in its first 24 hours of operation. That number was cut by more than 60% attempted per day by the end of that first month.

At another facility over a 30-day period:

  • Beginning of Year 1
    •  20,043 call attempts
    •  2,282 SMS attempts
  • Beginning of Year 3
    • 393 call attempts
    • 162 SMS attempts

A byproduct of Tecore’s Managed Access Solution is that contraband devices ultimately become useless and inmates prefer disposal over discovery and the resulting consequences.  It’s important to note that these numbers do not reflect pre-authorized device activity which is passed on to commercial network(s) by the iNAC solution. The data also reinforces the fact that inmates will continually attempt to use contraband phones, which is why traditional search, seizure and detection methods are not sustainable or effective over the long term.

The key to Tecore’s Managed Access Solution is the ability to leverage the same commercial wireless technology to create effective countermeasures across the spectrum of wireless devices. As a wireless industry leader, Tecore’s iNAC is the only proven MAS in the market that has evolved through 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi and is 5G ready. With Managed Access, correctional officers are able to work from a position of control and safety while proactively eliminating the threat caused by contraband cellular devices. Unlike jamming, iNAC restricts cell phone use by inmates in a manner which is acceptable to regulatory authorities, commercial carriers and cellular subscribers. Jamming indiscriminately restricts all communications, including emergency calls and those placed by authorized personnel, within the designated area. This places the lives within the facility in danger, which is why it is illegal. Rather than degrading authorized communications, including radio communications by corrections personnel, Managed Access bolsters vitally needed legitimate communications by officials while blocking all contraband calls.

Tecore’s iNAC, has a proven track record of deployed success in a number of facilities and continues to successfully evolve over numerous years and generations of cellular technologies. To learn more about Tecore’s iNAC Managed Access Solutions please visit: https://tecore.com/product/inacmanagedaccesssolution/


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Tecore Networks is the inventor of Managed Access technology and a pioneer supplier of multi-technology 3G and 4G LTE mobile core and network infrastructure. From millions of subscribers, to small private networks, Tecore Networks has serviced the commercial and government sectors for over 25 years. Offering cutting-edge voice and data technologies, and setting the standard for all-IP based architecture; Tecore Networks has exponentially increased performance while minimizing cost and space requirements. Tecore Networks offers value-added features and state-of-the-art professional services that enable their customers to increase ARPU and retention. Founded in 1991, Tecore Networks is ISO 9001 certified, and a three-time winner of the Global Mobile Award. For more information, visit www.tecore.com.

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