Tecore Networks to Prioritize the Provision of Aerial Rapidly-Deployable Wireless Network Infrastructure Solutions in the wake of the Turkish/Syrian Earthquake Disaster

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Tecore’s UAV/MAV Mountable iCore® Network-in-a-Box® Solution Provides Emergency Connectivity when Disaster Strikes

February 21, 2023 Hanover, MD U.S.A Tecore Networks, a U.S. based innovator and global supplier of All-G wireless network infrastructure, extends its deepest condolences for the lives lost in Türkiye and Syria, while looking for ways to best support disaster response communication needs for its existing and future customers. As both countries, and indeed, the world try to recover from this tragedy, many lessons across all sectors will be studied to address future natural and manmade disasters. In the communications sector however, Tecore feels the lesson is clear, preparedness requires multi-form factor, rapidly deployable wireless networks to support government and first-responder coordination and victim communication.

When disaster strikes, proactively and reactively addressing communications’ interruptions reemerges at the forefront of officials’ and engineers’ minds in government and non-government sectors alike. While many nations and agencies have historically and continue to rely on Cell on Wheels (COWs), the sad events continuing to unfold in Türkiye and Syria clearly indicate that depending solely on traditional vehicle-mounted networks is not sufficient, particularly when roads leading to disaster zones are severely damaged or impassable.  A prime example of the risk associated with this dependency is that of the destruction inflicted on the district of Hatay, Türkiye.

According to available reporting, the Hatay region of Türkiye was one of the hardest hit of all the affected regions. These reports also indicate that severe damage to the roads hampered first responders and relief agencies response efforts, as well as the ability to effectively deploy COWs — to provide replacement emergency communication services. Resultant, Hatay was left with a severely depleted communication infrastructure, making it almost impossible for survivors to reach loved ones, those under the rubble to reach out for help, and for crews and volunteers working on the ground to coordinate and communicate efficiently.

Tecore has invested heavily over the years in research and development, working with various partners and customers to develop portable wireless networks via its Network-in-a-Box® (NIB) product line. Its most recent product evolution, the iCore® NIB, a state-of-the-art 4G/5G Network, has been successfully mounted and used on unmanned and manned aerial vehicles (UAV and MAV) for the express purpose of search and rescue. The iCore ® NIB is a complete network infrastructure (Core and RAN) on a single, compact, and rapidly deployable platform that is customizable to myriad MIL-STD specification.

Mounted on a UAV traveling at a height of over 4.5kms, the iCore ®NIB is able to provide 35km of circular mobile coverage on the ground.  Connected with a Ground Station (GS), it is able to pass data, calls and SMS between teams and individuals on the ground, at the GS, and the rest of the world. With multiple UAVs roaming the skies simultaneously, tens of thousands of square kilometers can be covered.  The ICORE NIB is vehicle agnostic and with a payload of just 17kgs and can be mounted on most medium to large UAVs.  Leveraging this technology, within minutes, an impacted area can be reconnected internally and externally ensuring the continuity of desperately needed wireless coverage, regardless of the area’s ground accessibility.

Tecore Networks stands ready to team up with partners around the globe, and most urgently in Türkiye assisting those in the relief effort of this most recent disaster, in order to address this critical need, as well as prepare for future emergency responses.

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