Tecore Networks NexGen Smart DAS Platform Obtains FCC Certification

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Tecore’s sDAS – 20-Watt Power, 14 U.S. Bands Ready in Radio Pair, FCC Certified

Hanover, Maryland, June 8, 2022 – Tecore Networks, a U.S. based innovator of wireless network infrastructure, announces the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) certification of its smart Distributed Antenna System (sDAS) platform. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), serve as a conduit to ensure wireless services available outdoors are seamlessly created indoors, providing the same high-quality user experience. Historically, acquisition and deployment of DAS was limited to large-scale venues such as stadiums, universities, and corporate campuses due to its sizable footprint and cost. Tecore believes that fast, reliable in-building wireless coverage should be viewed as a standard utility that all venues – regardless of size – should be afforded the opportunity to implement.

Tecore’s highly flexible, cost-efficient sDAS platform, originally unveiled at Mobile World Congress on October 25, 2021, was initially developed to provide superior indoor wireless coverage for underserved small-medium sized venues. Specifically designed to eliminate the need for any commercial carrier radio source equipment, the sDAS’ architecture eliminates those associated hardware costs, drastically reducing equipment footprint, power consumption, and additional HVAC components for system cooling. Its multi-band, multi-operator architecture provides the highest quality, technology agnostic signals. Due to the solution’s scalability and the benefits of decreased CAPEX and OPEX, all sized venues can benefit from deploying Tecore’s sDAS in lieu of legacy DAS solutions and other in-building wireless equipment available in the market.

“With the NexGen sDAS technology FCC certification finalized, we here at Tecore are excited to increase the accessibility of DAS to all venues. As ubiquitous, high-quality wireless coverage is now considered a must have utility for all public and private indoor spaces, the Tecore Team looks forward to offering its premium in-building wireless solution to venues with both new and existing DAS systems,” says Jay Salkini, Founder and CEO of Tecore Networks.

Whether a venue is implementing DAS for the first time or looking to modernize its existing DAS, the sDAS’ architecture provides the optimal solution. Comprised of 2-3 components based on deployment type: (1) the mDU (multi-RAT Digital Unit) digitally generates the required radio signals for distribution to the mRUs; (2) the mRU (multi-RAT Radio Unit) software defined proprietary remote radios intelligently distribute up to 14 carriers  simultaneously between the low-band and mid-band mRU; while (3) the optional  mPOI (multi-RAT Point of Interface) can be leveraged to support the transition of existing DAS systems, supporting legacy analog inputs to the sDAS architecture over time. This software defined, future-proof, solution supports all existing wireless technologies (2G-5G) concurrently while allowing for remote system upgrades to ensure system efficacy and technology evolution year-over-year.

As Tecore’s system integration partner, Future Technologies has been eagerly anticipating the sDAS’ certification. They are the world’s first, high-powered, multi-RAT Radio Units capable of supporting 7 bands and up to 7 simultaneous carriers per mDU at 20 watts per band. With the sDAS solution supporting 14 carrier agnostic signals simultaneously in a compact form factor, it is ideally suited for indoor use, as well as being IP-67 rated for use outdoors. The sDAS is representative of a huge leap in the evolution of in-building wireless and we at Future Technologies envisage implementing it in myriad use cases for our new and existing customers,” says Peter Cappiello, CEO Future Technologies Venture, LLC.

Now that Tecore’s sDAS has obtained FCC Certification, deployments have commenced as Tecore progresses to its next milestone – commercial carrier solution certification. To learn more about Tecore’s sDAS Platform or to obtain a specification sheet please visit www.tecore.com/smart-das/.  For more information regarding Tecore’s FCC certification, please visit QLJMRU-060785 and QLJMRU-19212326.  For more details or to connect with our sales team please visit www.Tecore.com/connect.


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